CD734 McMicking, CD 735 Mulford & Biddle, CD 728, CD 701

By Daryl Richardson; posted October 10, 2021

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CD734 McMicking, 1" flat base chip. $125 CD735 Mulford & Biddle, a few pencil-eraser sized dings on skirt/base edge. Hazy, but virtually no glass missing. $575. CD728, 1" flat base chip and a few other small flakes. $200. CD701 Dark milky teal. You can only really see the color looking up through the pinhole against a light source or a window. Most of base is repaired up to 1/4" up into skirt. The dome has a long skinny slice as shown, as well as some other fingernail sized chips. Does not display mint, but at 1/3-1/4 of mint price, it should do until a better one comes along. $450. Prices include shipping. If purchasing two or more, take $25 off per insulator. Trade interests: 737.6, 728.4 or 728.7.