A fine assortment of porcelain.

By Everett Hartz; posted October 2, 2021

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Top left: U-144?? nice glaze no markings chip on inner skirt, asking $3+shipping

Top center: Cool signal, VNM, weird defect on wire ridge, no markings, SOLD

Top right: Another signal, cool speckled/striped glaze, PINCO on dome, VNM, $3+shipping

Center left: Signal, SUPER cool glaze, VVNM, no markings, $5+shipping

Center center: U-172, cool glaze with spots and stripes, VVNM, no markings, $8+shipping

Center right: Cool signal, yellow with red green and brown specks throughout, VNM, PINCO T on the crown, $7+shipping

Bottom left: U-472, reddish brown, G.P.Co on skirt, VVNM, $4+shipping

Bottom center: U-459, speckled blue, no markings, VNM (flea bite on bottom of outer skirt), SOLD

Bottom right: U-488, pumpkin, P! NCO (in a box (1952)), VVNM, $4+shipping

I accept PayPal, if you purchase 2 or more at once I will take $2 off.