7,200V Lines Down. Car Crash, Pic 1

By Zachary Gillihan; posted July 18, 2003

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I was driving to get to a firework stand when my parents that were 6 blocks away called asking why the power went out. I said the stop lights were all out for the past 7 blocks. Traffic started to stop and i kept going till the police turned me around. At 11am a Medical truck going about 70 MPH ( Said Eye Witness ) lose control from a tried blow out and smashed into the pole killing the driver. Ameren UE responded and so did local Fire dept. They couldn't see if the driver died on impact or after the crash because they couldn't attempt to rescue him. The lines stayed on and the man stuck in the truck. Once Ameren UE shut off the power the Fire Dept took the body from the truck. Sadly the drive was died, Luckily no one else was killed