Porcelain "Doorknob" Insulator

By Eric Wampner; posted May 20, 2021

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I've never been into porcelain stuff a whole lot, but when I see something odd, i'll pick it up. Does anyone know the origin/manufacturer of the piece on the left? I have it next to the smallest threaded insulator i've ever owned on the right(a dome embossed Fred Locke) ...for size comparison. the "doorknob" is actually an eighth of a inch shorter than the lock, and the threads are only threaded about an inch into the insulator. It appears to be a "doorknob" unlike any other doorknob-described insulator ive ever seen. there is a small impression on top, which appears to be an attempt at a letter, or number, but isn't discernible. Had to search Icon albums all way back to 2014, then 2008 to see another one of these on Icon, U-129, per Bill Ewing, thanks abunch Bill