NOW TWO Little Brookfields with junk Amber, Bubble

By Mike Gaudy; posted April 30, 2021

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Nice amber swirling in the first two - no damage. I decided to use the 115 in my display at the National $35 plus shipping for the first two.

I am putting together a collection of small unique shape insulators that I like (not all CDs and not all shapes) that I hope to display at the NM national. This is going to be a humble non-compete display not the high priced CDs. In addition to small insulators, I am going to display insulators with heavy wire groove wear (any CD from 101 to 162). I am also looking for a few CD pieces: I would like some interest (amber, bubble, milk, or other modest junk in them). In particular looking for a Hemingray 10 and a Hemingray 13. I am also looking for an emerald CD 103.4, CD 105 ansd CD 112.4.

I AM ALSO WILLING TO TRADE FOR these additions. Please search under my name Gaudy to see what I have for sale.