Jadelike CD 149

By Doug MacGillvary; posted April 28, 2021

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This beautiful CD 149 "pointed bullet" insulator is designated the "Burbrook Extra Deep Groove Double Petticoat". This particular insulator is a very light shade of green with an abundance of smoke from the dome down into the skirt to give it a jade effect. There is a one inch string of phlegm (substitute for snot) along the upper ridge of the wire groove along with a ton of micro bubbles. There is a shallow base chip, about 3/4" long. On the skirt is a 1/4" diameter pot stone shallow chip. Along the base of the skirt there is some overpour. I'm asking $125.00 shipped to your US address. PayPal, Check or money order. Any questions? Email or call 860-970-7305