Carnival Commemoratives RED $35 ORANGE $125 also willing to TRADE

By Mike Gaudy; posted April 27, 2021

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Carnival Commemoratives RED $35 ORANGE $125 also willing to TRADE

RED Austin Texas NIA Show Commemorative Solid Pour Carnival Amberina Rainbow sheen This is the 37th NIA Convention commemorative with a star in the outline of Texas at Austin. There is no base embossing on a solid pour It has that reflective multi-color sheen in the sun light, like a rainbow. Upon very close inspection there is a little bit of light wear? spots in the wire groove.

Orange FOURTH! NIA Show Commemorative 1973 Carnival Glass This is the 4th NIA Convention commemorative in Hutchinson Kansas. I don't see any damage on the commemorative. I don't see these come up for sale very often. $125 plus shipping.

I am willing to trade these for a couple of commemoratives that I want: 1976 white Opalescent Carnival, 1986 Line green with amber swirls.

I am putting together a collection of small unique shape insulators that I like (not all CDs and not all shapes) that I hope to display at the NM national. This is going to be a humble non-compete display not the high priced CDs. In addition to small insulators, I am going to display insulators with large wire rubs or wire wear (any CD from 164 down). I am also looking for a few CD pieces: I would like some interest (amber, bubble, milk, or other modest junk in them). In particular looking for a Hemingray 10 and a Hemingray 13.