Bad*ss switch with porcelain insulators Pic 2

By Colin Jung; posted April 20, 2021

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From a retired PG&E lineman's collection is this switch with cemented porcelain insulators-- probably Ohio Brass. Asking $150. Shipping not offered. You pick up from Sunnyvale, CA or I provide free delivery to the following destinations in my preference order:

1) Rohde Ranch Lite Tailgater in April (Fresno, CA);

2) Rohde/Merzoian Ranch Combined Tailgater in September (Fresno, CA);

3) NIA National in July (New Farmington, NM)

Payment required in advance of above delivery options. If you get creative, you can find a Rohde Ranch April attendee from Southern California or Arizona that would probably be willing to deliver the switch to the New Farmington National in July.