127.1 (formerly 127) EIN Question

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted April 16, 2021

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Yeah, I get it, EIN questions are pretty dry, but can't seem to find a match. Have a beat up old MLOD 127.1 that just does not seem to match any EI numbers. Straight sided almost looks THREADLESS! (Hi Dario, yes, if I come across one, you'll be the first to know), reads: (front crown) W BROOKFIELD 55 FULTON ST (rear crown) W. U.T. CO./ CAUVETS PAT FEB 22 1870 I have gone over the price guides (latest and previous) a number of times, backward and forward. Is this one rare? Is there a misprint in the guide ? Is my dyslexia getting the better of me? Thanks in advance, and will repost in questions answered when I know. I do not find it in the 2015 price guide either, closest is CD 127 EIN 015, reads exact, but not straight sided.