Do 8kV Three Phase Lines Exist?

By Paul Schackmann; posted April 11, 2021

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I have come across some old poles that have signs which read "8000 volts." Also, I have found many lines in midwestern Ontario that have single phase distribution transformers rated for 4.8kV. That would mean the phase to phase voltage would be 4.8kV x √3 = 8.313kV or just 8kV. Is this correct? I am trying to compile a list of phase to phase voltages used in Ontario for a documentary I am creating.

Dave Dahle replied:

"Yes, they apparently do exist. A fellow line geek told me of Connecticut Power & Light having rebuilt some former 4800V 3-wire delta lines into 8320V 4-wire Y lines, likely so they wouldn't need to swap out the transformers (string a neutral, then move one side of each transformer to the neutral).