CD 175

By James Mulvey; posted April 10, 2021

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Even a blind pig gets an acorn now and then, so the saying goes. I wrote Hunts and Fails but there were other stories with happy endings that were the 99/100 transactions that really weren't all that interesting.

With so much time to kill, lets see if I can put a Positive spin on a story.

Seems like last week, but in reality closer to 25 years ago I started insulator hunting online. I searched out every English language newspaper that I could find and went through the classifieds. I found a bunch in Australia and then realized, you don't have a clue what they are selling. No picture, no real description, in all honesty, this approach was a waste of time. Then along came eBay. Pictures, descriptions and some had a notation like CD 145 or CD 154. I came to figure out this meant a certain shape. So every time I came across a cd in a description, I drew out a little stick figure on a sheet of paper. Soon enough I had a sheet with 50 or so drawings on it. I could tell if I already had that particular one or needed to buy it.

Then along came Bills' 'for sale' pages. (not the PicturePoster, that came later). I would read through the lists and compare the cd numbers with what I had or what I didn't have. eBay had more listing and had pictures, but this site had the possibility of combined shipping and fixed prices. And as many of you know, I tend to count every dollar, sometimes, I admit, a little to close.

One day a listing came along and I bought four insulators from a guy in Mississippi. The only reason I bought these particular ones was because I did not have any of them in my drawings. One was a ' CD 175 with an amber stringer' - whatever that was. Priced at $1, I simply had to find out !

After I had my hands on it, I kinda wondered if he had dropped a zero or two on the price. I always thought of him as a stand up guy, sending it to me anyway for the dollar. I didn't buy any more from him, never noticed him at any of the shows we both attended or I would have spoke to him about it. I do know a few things for certain, and one is that Charles Bibb was the stand up guy I believed him to be..