Porcelain Insulators

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted April 4, 2021

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Hello everyone. Here is a short list of pieces that I am looking for. If you have any of these to sell feel free to email me or send pictures. Thank you for looking. Take care stay safe and well. Jim.

U-70 NN, U-33 Brown, white and blue, U-177 NN, U-166 Cook, U-289 Cook, U-399B Cook, U-517 Cook U-493 Franklin Porcelain, U-517 Franklin Porcelain U-493A Hartford Faience, U-524 Hartford Faience U-627 Hartford White, U-292 Hartford White U-343 JD, U-402 JD, U-632 JD Brown, White, Yellow, U-682 JD U-683 NN(JD), U-687 NN (JD)