Insulator Hunting the smell of Creosote and Desert Sage

By Mike Gaudy; posted March 19, 2021

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I moved from Colorado to Arizona about three years ago. I have not been on an insulator hunt in the wild for the entire three years. I used to hunt Wyoming along the UPRR. Most of the time our hunts yielded pieces of insulators, worthless stained bottles and railroad spikes. I still have a couple of containers full of those treasures. HOWEVER I do have 5 insulators that we found on the UPRR new and old beds, including one threadless. I miss the hunting trips with my insulator buddies (Mike, Dan and Jason & Ken). Yesterday I decided to cut some very old ties in half (with my pruning saw). The smell of creosote brought back memories of the hunts in Wyoming. I hope to get back there and hunt those lines again, soon!