Vacation Finds-- Insulator Go-Withs View 1

By Colin Jung; posted July 5, 2003

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On the left is a Hemingray-made 6-panel, 7 inch tall Globe Tobacco Jar with metal lid. The wire handle was missing. On the right is a super rare McLaughlin go-with find. This is a slug-embossed, soda bottle with an applied top made for the Fairfield Bottling Works of Fairfield, IL. William McLaughlin made most of his glass items for west coast businesses, so where did this Illinois soda come from? Before McLaughlin moved to Southern California, he worked for a glass works in Illinois. When he established his first glass works in his backyard, he had no west coast customers and relied on his previous contacts as any entrepreneur would do. The bottle probably came from this backyard operation. The glass mixture/color is very different from later McLaughlin glass. Will McLaughlin bottles from Valverde, CO turn up one of these days? Only time will tell. Many thanks to Bob Stahr for the tobacco jar ID and to Fred Padgett for his assistance on the soda.