RE: I'm done posting sale items here. Here's why.

By Bill Meier; posted March 13, 2021

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Here is the information about the PicturePoster.

There is a limit of 15 posts/day and 50 posts/week for a given person. If the item doesn't sell in a week, it is automatically moved into the "Not Sold" album. The first page of the For Sale listings displays 100 items.

At the moment, here is a breakdown of the first 100 items.

27 Timothy M. Baggett

13 Peter Persoff

11 Mike Gaudy

8 Richard Dobing

6 John Hall

6 Rick Soller

6 Chuck Alexander

5 Caleb Thimell

5 Gustavo Parra Nicholls

4 Alan Riegler

4 Chance Skeen

4 Donald Briel

4 Daryl Richardson

4 Robert W. Baumann

3 Ken Gardner

2 Bob Berry

2 Andy Wadysz

2 Brian Riecker

2 Curtis Erickson

2 Larry & Alice Shumaker

1 Jim White

1 Ed Greenway

1 John Rajpolt

1 Jason Porter

1 John De Sousa

1 Wesley Maguire

I personally don't see a problem here. Like ICON, if you don't like a specific post, skip it!

Questions/comments/suggestions are always appreciated.


Bill Meier Webmaster

P.S. Attached is my Microsoft Teams (similiar to Zoom) background. Terrible picture of me, but the insulators and poles are pretty!