CD-145 K.C.G.W. Green /Aqua Duo - Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR - Eastern Iowa

By Jack Kesling; posted February 28, 2021

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This post covers insulators which were used on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad as it ran East and West through Iowa. In addtion to CD 151 H.G. Co. /Petticoat in rare colors including corn-flower blue, depression green and ice-clear, I also found a number of CD 145 no-embossing Pennycuick style and CD 145 K.C.G.W (King City Glass Works) insulators. Most of the insulators were common Hemingray's including: CD 145 Hemingray No. 21, CD 145 H.G. Co. and CD 145 H.G. Co. /Petticoat in various shades of aqua. This post shows two CD 145 K.C.G.W.'s which were found on sections located near Coralville, Iowa and in sections East toward Durant, Iowa. Between 1972 and 1974, I probable found around a dozen and a half CD 145 K.C.G.W.'s in various colors including light mint green to aqua. Details on these insulator are as follows:

CD-145 K.C.G.W. (Front Skirt) - Light Mint Green - Bubbles & Straw Marks - Measures: 84mm Wide x 100mm Height

CD-145 K.C.G.W. (Front Skirt) - Aqua - Micro-Bubbles & Straw Marks - Measures: 84mm Wide x 100mm Height