CD-151 H.G. Co. (Front) - Depression Green - Chicago, Rock Island &Pacific RR - Moscow, IA

By Jack Kesling; posted February 23, 2021

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Many CD 151 H.G. Co. /Petticoat insulators were used on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad as it ran East and West through Iowa. Most were various aqua and blue aqua colors; however, there were a few that were near clear in color. I also found the CD 151 H.G. Co. /Petticoat in rare colors including corn-flower blue and depression green. This post shows a depression green CD 151 which was found in late April of 1973. It was found on a section of telegraph line located East of Moscow, Iowa a short distance from Witton, Iowa. Details on this insulator are as follows:

CD-151 H.G. Co. (Front Skirt) / Petticoat (Back Skirt) - Depression Green - Measures: 88mm Wide x 104mm Height

There is an interesting back story behind this find. As a graduate student at the University of Iowa, my wife and I would supplement our diet with Walleye, Northern Pike, pheasant and waterfoul. I was late season pheasant hunting the railroad fence line in mid early January 1973 and spotted the depression green CD 151 H.G. Co. insulator on the telegraph line. With snow on the ground, no person in their right mind would attempt to go up a pole for an insulator. I noted the location and came back in April and was lucky enough to recover this amazing insulator.

A picture of the back of this insulator can be found at [id=618674049]. A map of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR can be found at [id=6117009330] .

Footnote: I found the following reference in the ICON Article section.