PONY PARTY - 10 different insulators: Lots of Character Photo 2 #38 Sold

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 21, 2021

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PONY PARTY - 10 different insulators: Lots of Character Photo 2

All (except #40) are VNM, I can provide a detailed report of all damage if that is important. Numbers are on each piece (Photo 1). I will discount a purchase of multiple pieces, but first preference goes to those paying the asking price (if I get more than one offer at a time).

TOP ROW (left to right)

31 Hemingray No 9 with rock or something in dome $25.00 + shipping.

32 Diamond Lt Blue Aqua $10 + shipping.

33 W. BROOKFIELD #7 Bold crisp embossing $15 + shipping

34 W. BROOKFIELD with "B" on dome. There is considerable chipping at the wire groove below the B. It show up well in photo 1 $10 plus shipping.

35 Skirt Embossed BROOKFIELD blob-top $10 plus shipping

BOTTOM ROW (left to right)

36 Blue Aqua Domer Diamond with 1/3 diamond on back skirt. There is a crease on the dome, like something was in the mold when the insulator was made. $18 plus shipping

37 Beautiful Green skirt embossed BROOKFIELD with X2 on the dome. There are two open base bubbles $23 plus shipping.

38 Beautiful Amber swirled BROOKFIELD with NEW YORK on the back skirt. There is a dome ping (with a white mark) $35 plus shipping. SOLD

39 HAWLEY with 3 open base bubbles . Two tiny base nicks. $25 plus shipping.

40 CD 112.4 light blue Hemingray NO 8 there is considerable base nibbling shown in a follow-up photo. There are also a half dozen flea bites on the insulator. $35 plus shipping.