CD-145 No Embossing - Pennycuick - Chicago Northwestern RR. - East of Boone, IA

By Jack Kesling; posted February 21, 2021

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The following series of posts show some of the more interesting insulators that were found on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad as it ran East out of Boone, Iowa. East of Boone, Iowa the major railroad towns included: Ames, Nevada, Colo, State Center, Marshalltown, Montour, Tama, Belle Plaine, Blairstown, Watkins, Norway, Fairfax, Cedar Rapids, Mount Vernon, etc. In the sections East between Boone and Ames, Iowa, I have previously posted on CD 133.1 and CD 133.4 early Hemingray telegraph insulators which were found very near Boone, IA. As the telegraph line moved 0.25 miles East out of Boone, the more uncommon insulator found included: CD 145 H.G. Co./Petticoat in SCA; CD 145 No Embossing Pennycuick; and CD 151 H.G. Co. /Petticoat in ice /near clear. Once the railroad reached the West Central Coop complex, the telegraph lines had only CD 145, CD 145.2 and CD 133 Star insulators. This post shows the CD 145 no embossing Pennycuick style found on two different railroads going through Iowa.

CD-145 No Embossing (Pennycuick Style) - Sky Blue - 100's of Micro-Bubbles & Has Straw Marks - Measures: 80mm Wide x 110mm Height - Large Very Heavy Beehive.

I have found the CD 145 Pennycuick in two locations in Iowa and one location in Pennsylvania. However, I have never found this insulator in Georgia. Many CD 145 Pennycuick insulators have been found in Georgia by Mike Green - see [id=362054755] and [id=480517080]. I would have loved to find the green CD 145 Pennycuick and wonder what part of Georgia I missed hunting in the many years of hunting insulator in Georgia.