CD-145 H.G. Co. /Petticoat (Back) - Pink - Chicago Northwestern RR - East of Boone, IA

By Jack Kesling; posted February 21, 2021

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This post shows the back of the CD 145 H.G. Co. in pink SCA:

CD-145 (Mirror Image "N" Mold Letter) H.G. Co. (Front Skirt) - Petticoat (Back Skirt) Pink SCA - Crude With Large & Micro-Bubbles and Straw Marks - Measures: 82mm Wide x 104mm Height.

There were a number of CD 145 H.G. Co. insulators in various shades of aqua to aqua blue, but there were only a few of the pink SCA color beehives between Boone East to the West Central Coop.