VVNM Yellow Hemingray-19 RDP

By Ian Macky; posted February 20, 2021

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This true yellow Hemi-19 RDP is in VVNM condition-- oh so close to mint. The only defects are a 1/16" micro-flake near the bottom of the wire ridge above the 'N' in HEMINGRAY (just visible in the pic), and 4 insignificant spots of paper-thin flaking at the sharp inside edge of the inner skirt (which look to be from mold removal and likely came that way from the factory).

I've had this for years and compared it to other examples and yes, it's the true yellow-- not honey or any of the darker shades.

One of these sold in a September 2019 auction for $3,960 and it had "About a 1/4" chip and a few little nibbles on the inner skirt". This one is better 8-) That auction pic was shot under different conditions which makes it looks brighter/lighter, but it's the same true yellow color as this one. The combined pics shown here were taken under identical conditions with lightboxes as the only illumination and is intended to show the color difference.

$3,800 postpaid. I can provide more pics if interested.