Crude, Unique Opaque Jade CD 154 Insulator!!

By Caleb Thimell; posted July 3, 2003

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Only milky jade embossed Zicme known in the hobby. Until now, all jades come with tons of microbubbles which obscure the milk. Not so for this beauty. For second pic using full spectrum lighting [id=61829155]. As you can see it is a killer color and displays VNM. This is one of Zicme's earliest pieces made and the bold embossing wore out quickly so they soon changed to the commonly seen smaller embossing. The white mark to the lower left of embossing is a cullet chunk. There is a reverse base bruise affecting 5 drips with a 1" crack coming off it. And another tiny internal crack. Minor nibbles along base glass overpour typical on Zicmes. All on back or base. Serious CD 154 collectors know this is a rare opportunity that doesn't come around often to get a unique color for their line-up. So, the only fair way to sell this is to offer it here to the first collector who emails me. SOLD!