One of a kind.

By James Mulvey; posted February 18, 2021

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A dumpster find from my early dumpster forays. Before I knew what I had, I unfortunately removed it from the bracket. In Ontario, these units are installed where there is need of a temporary 'perch' for a hot clamp during installations or repairs on transformers. The bracket clips to the crossarm, so that the rod is horizontal. The rod is copper and is grounded by copper wire. It appears that this unit took a tremendous overload and that the insulator had a crack at the time. The cast lead threads had melted and been forced out through the crack by the sudden pressure. A thin layer of lead can be seen that actually protrudes out past the side of the insulator.

When I was trying to fit the pin back into place I discovered why it had been hard to remove. The rest of the melted lead had been forced into any space between the existing remaining threads and the porcelain. Much to my later dismay, I did not retrieve the other part of the insulator.

This has been on my shelf for at least 3 decades. Time for someone else to enjoy it. $100 delivered