Oil Insulators

By Andrew Gibson; posted February 7, 2021

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After I started collecting insulators, I discovered guide books. First one I stumbled on was Woodward's 1967 The Glass Insulator in America. When I looked through all the different shapes, there were a couple that stood out to me. The CD 109 Chicago tear drop pony, and the CD 180 Liquid Insulator were the two that I really flipped for. When I discovered that the oil insulators came in porcelain as well, they also went on the want list. Pictured are the CD 180 Liquid Insulator, U-2918 from England (out of the Keith Neal collection, actually), and a new-to-me unknown U-number found in Spain. It has taken about 30 years to get 3 oil insulators -- would love to get more, and hope it doesn't take another 10 years before the next one!