CD-133.4 Dec. 19 1871 Green (Back) - Chicago Northwestern RR - Boone Co., Iowa

By Jack Kesling; posted February 4, 2021

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The next series of posts show various CD 133.4 that were found on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad as it ran East out of Boone, Iowa. Railroad towns on the Chicago Northwestern RR. West of Boone, Iowa included: Ogden, Grand Junction, Jefferson, Scranton, Ralston, Glidden, Carroll, Arcadia and Denison etc. Uncommon insulators found West of the railroad bridge over the Des Moines River included both CD 132 and CD 133.4 "Cadiz Style" insulators and a moderate number of CD 132 Dec 19 1871 early Hemingray bullet insulators. East of Boone, Iowa the major railroad towns included: Ames, Nevada, Colo, State Center, Marshalltown, Montour, Tama, Belle Plaine, Blairstown, Watkins, Norway, Fairfax, Cedar Rapids, Mount Vernon, etc. In the section East between Boone and Ames, Iowa, the only bullet style insulator were CD 133.1 and CD 133.4 early Hemingray telegraph insulators - no CD 132's were found. East of Boone, IA the topography is flat farm land. The lighter CD 133.4 early Hemingray No. 3 bullets could be used while only the heavier No. 2 bullets were use toward the West where the terrain was much more rugged.

This post shows a medium green CD 133.4 with the following details:

CD-133.4 Patent /Dec.19 1871 (Front Dome) - Large Script 3 (Back Dome - No Mold Mark) - Medium Green (Large Bubbles / Considerable Milk Swirls) - Measurements: 70 mm Wide x 98 mm Height.