Light aqua unembossed Canadian CD 742

By Barrett Nicpon; posted January 28, 2021

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Here's a great-looking unembossed Canadian CD 742 available for trade. This one has the normal flat base flaking off the outer edge, a few scattered flakes, and a nice bit of iridescence from burial. It also has a 1" annealing fracture up the front skirt as shown in the centre image. It has some nice milky and amber swirling throughout - some of which can be seen in the photos. If traded, this example also comes with photographs of it "as found" .

I'm looking for scarce Canadian porcelain, or MLOD glass such as CD 143s and threadless. I'm happy to supplement the value of this piece with cash if needed to make a deal for a good piece. Here's [id=505519866;a link to my current wanted Canadian porcelain].