CD-134 PATENT / DEC 19 1871 - Enlarged Showing Periods In Embossing - Boone, Iowa

By Jack Kesling; posted January 14, 2021

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I received e-mail requesting an enlarged picture post of the pastel yellow-green cast 1871 CD 134 that showed the "periods" in the embossing. The pastel yellow-green CD 134 is especially unique - it has periods in the date, a different dome slope, a back side mold letter "B" and slight flare to the skirt. I'm wondering how many different mold styles exist? Out of all the CD 134's in the lot of 17 from Boone, IA the pastel yellow-green was the only one with a "mold letter" and "periods" in the embossing.

CD-134 Patent / Dec.19. 1871 (Front Skirt) - Mold Letter "B" -(Bubbles & Microbubbles) Pastel Yellow Green Cast - 73mm Wide x 98mm Height