My Top shelf - NEW YEAR 2021 Sale - Red - Green - Amber #2 Sale

By Mike Gaudy; posted January 11, 2021

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My Top shelf - NEW YEAR 2021 Sale - Red - Green - Amber These are some of my best insulators that I must thin to make way for recent purchases.

Left: Yellow Green with Amber CD 145 CREB VNM Damage: 3 flea-bites and a two inch section of wire groove deposit. In my estimation the insulator is a yellow green with amber. While the amber does give it a hint of olive, it is not the full blown YOG (priced accordingly). There is a small polly wog in the back of the insulator and a little chunk of fire brick to the right of NY. Shop # 7 and smaller backward 7. There are no patent dates. $265.00 shipped in the USA

Middle: Red Whiskey Amber CD 162 HG CO. Most of the insulator is VNM except there is a two inch very clean base chip that removes 8 drip points completely. I have added a photo showing the base. Other damage consists of three nicked drips, some roughness around the pin hole and a small under pour to the inner petticoat. These don't come up for sale very often. I did not find very many comparable on recent ICON history. $220.00 shipped in the USA.

Right: Star Beehive with major amber swirling. This insulator has some beautiful amber swirling. There is a nice dome dimple for added character. Damage consists of what looks like a piece of cullet embedded in the crown at about the left mold line. It leaves some roughness and a white spot about half pinky nail size. It could possibly be a bb ping. It does NOT have those ugly spider web cracks that I often see with bb marks. There are also three flea -bites on the insulator. $235.00 shipped in the USA.