CD-132 Dec. 19-1871 No. 2 - Straight Line Embossed (Front) - Boone Co., IA

By Jack Kesling; posted January 6, 2021

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An ICON member has e-mailed and asked to have individual posts on the four Iowa CD 132 Dec 19 1871 insulators previously posted. Earlier, I had posted these CD 132's two together to save time and space. The following posts will show each insulator enlarged starting with the CD 132 with straight line embossing.

This post shows the straight line embossed CD 132 early Hemingray No. 2 telegraph bullet that was found between in 1973 on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad telegraph line as it ran West out of Boone, Iowa and crossed the Des Moines River toward Ogden, Iowa. Details are as follows:

CD-132 Pat. Dec.19-1871 (Front Dome - Straight Line Embossed) - Small Script 2 (Back Dome - Mold Letter "B") - Aqua-Blue (Unique Rim) - Measurements: 75 mm Wide x 107 mm Height.

The following post shows the unique base rim of this sixth generation mold CD 132 [The following post shows the base rim of this unique sixth generation mold CD 132 [id=614006386].