COOL Brookfields and Stars some junk (backs)

By Mike Gaudy; posted January 3, 2021

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COOL Brookfields and Stars some junk

Most of these insulators are VNM any significant damage is described. Ask me for a detailed report if every nick, ping or flea bite matters. I use regional flat rate boxes, so two insulators can ship for the price of one approx $9 to $15. I will discount the total price by $5 if you purchase two insulators and $10 if you purchase three or more. More photos available on request.

TOP ROW (left to right)

1 Yellow Green star with amber, snow and some junk $40 plus shipping.

2 Light olive green star stone in dome, bruise on skirt (dark spot in photo). $25 plus shipping.

3 Beautifully amber-ed Brookfield toll $25 plus shipping

4 Olive green Brookfield Toll $15 plus shipping

BOTTOM ROW (left to right)

1 Very lightly amber-ed CREB 06 dome # $15 plus shipping

2 Blue Aqua Hemingray CD 162 SMOOTH Base $15 plus shipping

3 Green Aqua CREB with milk 10 dome 2 patent dates spec-o-junk $35 plus shipping

4 light milk swirl CREB 10 dome $45 plus shipping