CD 121 AM.TEL&TEL.CO. Embossing help.

By Everett Hartz; posted December 30, 2020

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About 6 months ago I had the chance to go down to northern PA and visit family. While I was there I had to poke around the local antique shops for insulators. I was not finding anything good on display (CD 106 and 113 Hemingrags) so I asked the store owner if he had any others. He told me he picked up a box earlier that day and had not opened it yet. I asked him if I could take a look and he agreed, he pulled a large red tote from storage and opened it up. Inside the insulators were covered in a layer of dirt and reeked of cat urine. It was clear this box had not been opened in years. The insulators inside were a CD 145 CREB, CD 102 BROOKFIELD, CD 112 BROOKFIELD, 2 CD 203 Armstrongs, and 10 or so CD 122 Hemingrays clear SB, and the insulator in question a CD 121 AM. TEL & TEL. Co in light aqua. 6 months later I got a price guide and began the tedious task of looking up all my insulators. When I got to this one I was stumped. It wasn't in the price guide! I have went through ten or so times to make sure I did not miss something but I am sure it is not in there. Please contact me if you have this insulator, have solved my problem by explaining it off as a common issue etc. etc. Or if you have any other help/information. Please help!