102 Base Skirt 1/3 Diamond Mold Damage Repairs

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted December 18, 2020

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This is a grouping of 102s that all exhibit to varying degrees the scrapes on mold surfaces described in the questions answered folder about 'shooting stars and speed diamonds'... AND/OR mold repairs.(sorry 'bout the 3500k lights)(found my shoting star also) A lot of those Diamonds show a line that goes all the way around the insulator. I had long wondered "why the repairs?" and "why There?" I believe that in at least some instances, those aren't mold repairs, but just...We interupt this ramble to bring fresh news (to me) about those mold repairs on CD 102 Diamonds Seriously this has made me wonder for a long time and I hope I post it so it's searchable for others to find (and for me to re-find when I forget): David Fleishman worked with Barrett Nipcon on this: The bases of the molds were re-tooled to accommodate the conversion to automated machinery!-Never you mind what I thought! This is big news to me. Thanks so much Dave!