Royal & Black Purple WGM Tolls Trade for Denver Mold purple

By Mike Gaudy; posted December 4, 2020

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LEFT: Dark or Royal purple VNM with nice bubble (just above W). Minimal damage: eraser size base chip, tiny lower wire groove chip and rub just below chip. SOLD

RIGHT: Darker Purple (Black) still passes light. Again minimal damage: two eraser size base chips (just at the outer edge) near the left mold line. There are also two flea-bites on the insulator. SOLD

CENTER: Denver Mold EIN 135. I am looking for this Denver Mold (which was actually made by Brookfield) in green, Blue, light purple or off clear. What I am willing to trade depends on the color and condition of the proposed trader.

NOTICE the upper wire ridge is smaller than the lower. Brookfield also made them with both wire ridges the same size NOT interested in that mold.