Faster Than A Speeding Bullet... Teal Colored CD 132 Bullet-Style Insulator

By Michael Malanowski; posted November 18, 2020

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I am a relative "Newbie" to the insulator world, but been collecting Pretty old glass for 50 years. Here we have an attractive teal colored CD 132 bullet-type insulator. Love these bullets even more than the old movie... Embossed on (2) lines across the front dome as follows, "PATENT/DEC.19.1871". Rear dome is marked with a large,"2". Rear base is marked with a, "B". This piece is in pretty decent shape. Only flaw of note is a 1/2 chip/associated roughness just above wire groove on the rear right side (a bit of that roughness carries down below the wire groove). This issue should be clearly visible at about nine o'clock in the 2nd image. I've also added a backlit image next to an aqua example, so you have a good idea of its wonderful depth of color. Only parting with this one because I recently upgraded to a virtually perfect specimen at Springfield. My price is $135 plus exact shipping.