Dug/"As-Found" CD 731 in Pretty Decent Condition

By Michael Malanowski; posted November 17, 2020

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I'm a relative "newbie" to the insulator world, but been collecting pretty old glass for 50 years. Here's a neat old piece of history, a CD 731 threadless in dug/"as found" condition!!! The dome here is flatter like a 731.2, but every thing else screams 731!!! Color is a bright bluish aqua. The glass display a slight cloudiness/patina from being buried in the ground. If you look closely at the dome image, you can see little ripples/ridges that run all the way around (surely marks left by the mold). Are all 731's like this??? Haven't handled enough to say one way or the other... Most notable issue is a flat 3/4" chip with associated triangular shaped bruise along the wire ridge. There's a couple smaller dings on the lower skirt on the opposite side. Two relatively flat chips along the base edge (measuring a 1/2" & 3/4" respectively) and a small base edge burst bubble rounds out the issues. My price is $190 plus exact shipping.