Close only counts in horshoes- I beg to differ.

By James Mulvey; posted November 17, 2020

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I post true stories about Hunts and Fails; small events in anybody's life. Some are my fault, some are not, at best they are disappointments or at worst frustrating. When it comes to the more important events in life, I am pretty lucky. I don't mean I win the lottery every week, although I did win $5 once. This house goes back to 1840's, the pine trees around it are documented by an 1850's sketch in the Canadian Museum in Toronto. That makes this tree over 200 years old. It is a lot of tree, almost 4 feet across at the base and 133 ft tall. There was no other direction it could have fallen without doing at least some damage. The stump part of the tree is 11 ft. The van was parked there, was not moved in for a photo-shoot, and the garage is only 140 feet away. Did I mention the tree was 133 ft tall?