Whole Enchilada Want List Nov. 2021 Updated

By Ed Carney; posted November 16, 2020

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I am posting my entire, updated, want list. Hoping for VNM+ on most everything, but have willingness to compromise on the harder to find items. If you are frustrated at not having a venue to sell, here is an opportunity. Let me know what you have, and what condition, and what price you have on it/them.

CD102 NEGM's in dark aqua, green aqua, and yellow green--- Brookfield EIN093 "NEW YOPK" error on skirt--- Brookfield EIN110 and/or 120 "BROOFIELD" errors on crown--- "B" ponies in light green, plain green

CD121 EIN140 Hemingray "PATETED" error--- EIN050 Am Tel & Tel Co in the "TEL & TE Co." error in green--- EIN016 Am Tel & Tel Co. with both "W for M" and V for A" error in blue--- EIN105 Am Tel & Tel Co. with "M = a Y with side legs" and large font in green aqua--- EIN020 Maydwell-16W in off clear--- EIN030 Maydwell-16W (McLaughlin blot out) in clear and straw--- Unembossed (AGEE) in sage green with milk swirls, plain amethyst, amethyst with burgundy tint, ice aqua, and either the light or plain emerald green

CD122.4 Hemingray E-2 in lemon or light lemon

CD127.1 W.U. EIN010 "W.U. PATTE // RN" in aqua

CD128 EIN040 Hemingray CSA in milky lemon and the yellow/clear two tone--- EIN120 Pyrex "RYREX" error--- EIN010 Armstrong (A has circle emblem around it) in blue tint--- EIN030 Armstrong's in olive green tint (missing the little "circle-A" emblem on RS)--- EIN042 Hemingray CSA in clear, missing the periods in CSA

CD133 EIN060 H.G. Co. smooth base but with the 1893 patent date--- EIN230 Brookfield, shop number 2 and 3

CD134 EIN210 Brookfield No. 41 in plain aqua (upgrade piece)--- EIN230 Brookfield with BROONFIELD error and the N backwards, aqua--- EIN010 G.E. Co. with mold number on the front crown, any color

CD137 EIN010 D-990 Hemingray with a smooth base in clear and carnival

CD143 EIN030 G.N.W./raised slug plate, any color

CD145 EIN010 unembossed Canadian in clear and light green (minus any milk swirls)

CD147 EIN010 PAT APP FOR (only embossing on it) in aqua

CD154 No embossing (Gayner/Lynchburg Product) in a true sage grey color

CD162 EIN010 Whitall-Tatum (no shop number under the "MADE IN USA" on rear skirt) in clea

CD165.1 EIN010 Whitall-Tatum in light aqua (no mold number under "MADE IN USA")

CD167 EIN010 Owen-Illinois with smooth base in clear--- EIN005 No Name, with just the 51-C1 embossing, in clear

CD252 M&E Co. embossed, EIN010 and 040 embossing styles, any color

CD287.2 with both Brookfield and Locke in the embossing

CD1087 embossed M.A. Knapp // Chicago, ILL (will pay over PG value on this one)

Done, for now. ;-)