Few collectables hard to move since 1972

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted November 15, 2020

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Top: Model King Island kayak ca 1950. -King Islanders were a tough bunch! Because this model is made using (mostly) traditional materials, (seal skin) it's a tough thing to navigate sales wise nowadays. 2nd Row Left: Whale Tooth. Although this one was purchased fair and square pre 1972 at the New England Aquarium gift shop! for $6.95, non antique, non scrimshaw pieces can be a pain to deal with. 2nd Row center: Northwest Coast Salmon club. Although this one was certainly made for sale, it appears to be petrified whale bone and Abalone inlay, a two for as far as protected species goes. (Possibly 3 as the strap may be another) Anyways, expertly carved and inlayed double Raven heads. 2nd row right: Ivory model totem of Chief Johnson's totem pole.ca 1970 This one is unusual in its small size, and material (Ivory) Expertly carved, still retains price tag from Mystic Seaport gift shop, $5.00( -a lot back then) as well as the bird on top that is typically missing Although Native Americans have exemptions from the Marine Mammals act, some sites will not let items made from protected species be sold on their sites. I sometimes notice items being sold as "ox bone" or some such bypass method.(lie). Visited a lot of antique shops in the late '60s & early '70s (and since). I was a child then, and a good percentage of shops had signs that read "No Children" so I'd wait in the car.