CD 102 Sterling and CD 112 O.V.G.CO. Sale

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 15, 2020

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On the left is CD 102 EIN [010] (F‑Skirt) STERLING (R‑Skirt) SB in Light Aqua. Condition is vnm+ with only a couple of lehr kisses on the generous dome glass and an open bubble on the rear wire ridge. A heavier pony for just $5 plus postage. **SOLD**

On the right is CD 112 EIN [010] (F‑Skirt) #11 O.V.G.CO. SB in Blue Aqua. A small peck and fisheye bruise in the front and a teeny lower wire ridge fleck in the rear is all the damage I can find. There are strange ridges from the manufacturing process all around the inside of the skirt. Asking $10 plus postage.