Nice Hemingray Blue CD 145 Beehives with wire ties. Sale Sold

By Jeff Osborne; posted November 14, 2020

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Three Hemingray Blue CD 145 Hemingray - 21 Beehive Insulators with wire tie.

I left all three as removed from the poles and have not been cleaned up.

The insulators are:

EIN [100] SDP - VNM just a few shaved drips on inner side

EIN [080] SDP - VNM one shaved drip point on inner side.

EIN [070] RDP - VNM

These were still in the air until October 31, 2020, when a portion of the former ATSF (now BNSF) signal line was removed between Springer, NM and Levy, NM.

I'm asking $30 shipped for the three.