Dug/"As-Found" CD 123 Deep Blue Green Aqua/Almost Tealish Coloration PENDING

By Michael Malanowski; posted November 14, 2020

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A relative "newbie" in the insulator world, been collecting pretty old glass for 50 years. Here's what I think is a gorgeous CD 123. This was found partially buried along an old line. Embossed, "E.C & M Co S.F., across top front. Round "Nipple" protrusion on the reverse. Measures approximately 4 1/8" tall. Color is somewhere between a deep blue green aqua & teal. Incredible condition for being found in the "wild". Never tumbled/cleaned. Still retains a smidgen of light stain/dullness. A few flea bites here & there & a very shallow bruise along the skirt edge (no glass missing) is all I see. My price is $325 plus exact shipping.