Bright & Fizzy Hemi Blue CD 257 "Mickey Mouse"

By Michael Malanowski; posted November 14, 2020

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I'm a relative "newbie" to the insulator world, but been collecting pretty old glass for 50 years. Here's a wonderfully colored CD 257!!! Embossed, "Hemingway-60", on front. Marked, "Made in U.S.A", on the reverse. Color best described as a bright hemi blue. Glass is quite fizzy (full of tiny tiny bubbles). Probably didn't do a great job of bringing that out in my images though... No major condition issues. There's a bit of wear in the wire groove, a couple of 1/4" flat chip/flakes along the outside of the middle ring, & a shallow bruise along base edge which effects three of the drip points. My price is $90 plus exact shipping.