Ponies? Colors? Help!?

By Theresa Chiodo; posted June 23, 2003

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Before asking, I truly have tried to locate the answers myself--but now my eyes are crossed, and I've determined that there ought to be a shade called "almost that light blue brilliant tint med aqua hue but darker", AKA "I'm confused blue"! It's my intention to post these for sale, but do understand what difference a shade can make. I've tried praying to the Spectra Gods for enlightenment, and the CD Powers that Be for the same, but, perhaps I'm being punished for having threatened to include the insulators in with the glass recyclables! Anyhow, L to R are 1. No Name 2. OVGCo 3. AM TEL&TELCO 4. AMTEL&TELCO. 5.AMTEL&TELCO Thanks!