BLOOD Bottles (Bitters/Medicines/Cures/Purifiers) - can trade for insulators

By Zac Mirecki; posted October 28, 2020

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Some of you know of my battle with acute leukemia last year and slow recovery from a stem cell transplant. As I come up on my one year transplant anniversary, I am rethinking my collection(s) hence the recent downsizing and, while not getting out of insulators by any means, looking to branch out and divest in other types of glass. As a good reminder of my remission and "blood cure" I thought it'd be a fun side collection to start acquiring blood bottles.

Am looking to buy (or trade for glass/porcelain insulators) blood bottles - Including but not limited to blood cures, blood purifiers, blood bitters, etc. May consider ephemera and trade cards but mostly looking for bottles for the time being.