CD 252 Knowles Blue Green Yellow Green BOGO pair - Sold

By Dave Wiecek; posted October 21, 2020

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CD 252 [030] (F‑Skirt) KNOWLES/NO.2 CABLE {Slug embossing} (R‑Skirt) (Arc)PATENTED /[]/ JUNE.17. 1890 SB The piece on the left is blue with green mixed in on the right hand side mostly in the lower ear. The color you see on the right hand side is not a reflection but actual green in the glass. Minor fleabites but overall a nice piece. The piece on the right is a yellow green color with nice amber influences. Unfortunately a sharp shooter hit it with a BB just to the left of the word JUNE that created a 2 1/2 inch no glass missing arch bruise from a BB ding. The base in worn from being used as a doorstop maybe but is smooth and consistent. There's a small base flake under the 9 in 1890. Displays nicely or you can display the Knowles No 2 Cable side. Very nice color pair. Additional pictures upon request.

$85 for the pair plus shipping. Check or PayPal no fee option welcomed. Satisfaction guaranteed but shipping at your expense. First email as always!