Amazing Hoop skirts HEMINGRAY 2 tone Sold & BBOOKFIELD with white ROCK Sale

By Mike Gaudy; posted October 20, 2020

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Amazing Hoop skirts HEMINGRAY 2 tone & BBOOKFIELD with white ROCK Left: I think the photo shows the two tone colors Olive green with some yellow green as a base color. Damage: 6 chipped or nicked drips and 2 to 3 flea bites.

$40 plus shipping Now $35 plus shipping

Right: Mis-spelled Brookfield with a half inch diameter rock to the left of the embossing. BBOOKFIELD. There is a thumb size flat chip to the inside of the petticoat. I count 9 chipped or sliced drips.

$50 plus shipping NOW $45 plus shipping

Take the pair for $80 plus shipping.