CD 123 EC&M Co with OLIVE SWIRLS - SHORTIE only 3 1/2 inches tall - Sold!

By Dave Wiecek; posted October 17, 2020

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CD 123 [030] (F‑Crown) E.C & M Co S.F. (R‑Skirt) [Glass button] {'B' mold: square dome; straight skirt} {MLOD} Measures only 3 1/2 inches 'tall' so it's pretty short. Pictured next to a CD 102 for size comparison & yes the CD 102 is taller. Olive swirls that show nicely on the embossed side where you want them. 2 larger bubbles at the mold line left side. Some base chipping along the sharp mold edge which I think is pretty typical and expected for these. The rest of the surface is very clean and free from any damage.

$350 plus shipping. Check or PayPal no fee option welcomed. I'm thinning my collection offering pieces that are seldom seen outside of catalog auctions anymore. Satisfaction guaranteed but shipping at your expense. Send me your wants. First email as always!