3 different hemi 21's

By Kim Borgman; posted October 16, 2020

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left to right: aqua hemi 21 nice heavy ambered up 21 making it some shade of green. blue hemi 21 - made in usa - sharp drips aqua/amber swirled - 21 (NFS) until I find out why the inner skirt is extended way down.

none of these have any damage except maybe pinprick. all the sharp drips on the blue one are there.

first 3 as package deal. delivered to springfield in 3 weeks. $70.

years ago, someone sold me a box of these greenish ones at a show. can't remember how many were even in box so much time has passed. they were on display in my office at work, but have been in shed for 2 yrs as i work from home. time to thin herd and cut down on duplicates.