mikly hemi 12's in non stamped embossing

By Kim Borgman; posted October 16, 2020

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NOTE: insulators are more aqua than the blue showing in pic.

two differently embossed milky hemi 12's. one with loopy 2's, other with more of swan 2. both full of milk swirls. 1 drip chipped on one, A 2 drip underpour on other. pin prick or 2 on each.

one on left i'm calling milky aqua, one on right, milky blue aqua. book does NOT differentiate between stamped and non stamped embossing. after yrs of collecting, non stamped 9's and 12's are much harder to find. asking $100 and $125. or both for $200.

would love to deliver to springfield, will ship however if needed. check or PayPal.

questions or more pics, just ask please.