Why were some powerlines built far from the road?

By Paul Schackmann; posted October 13, 2020

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In Ontario, I have seen some older powerlines (not new powerlines) that follow a road but from a great distance, especially in the country. Sometimes these old line cuts through fields, barnyards, and backyards for no apparent reason. Furthermore, some lines are so far from the road, they are sending branch lines to the road to power the houses. The picture I posted is an example of this in Ontario. The road is far to the left of the picture, and this three phase line follows the road but at a great distance. Why would the hydro company construct a line far from the road? Why would they not constructed them close to the road in the first place?

Jim Colbum said:

Hi, I used to work as a contractor for the local power company in their land survey dept. Most often powerlines were located at, or near the road right-of-way. That could be near a road, or less often, far away from the road. Just one example.

Thank you Jim!!